Jumbo Auctions - I bought a freezer and received different capacity

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I bought an upright freezer from Jumbo with a ceratin capacity but when i received the item I discovered that it has lesser capacity than the one I paid my money for .I'm pissed because of the so- bad after sales service .It seems that Jumbo best policy is to ignore the customer by simply not answering his phone calls and once he is pissed and visit their store they will just pacify him telling him or her that your complaint will be dealt with carefully and we will promptly do the best action to satisfy you .This is so bad . I telephoned their customer service department more than ten times and in each case was assured that my complaint would positively be dealt with soon.I think you will understand why I am upset at the manner in which this order was handled.I advise everyone to be very careful in dealing with this company

Jumbo Auctions - Jumbo close-outs RIP OFF!!!!!!

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Jumbo closeouts scamed my credit card for $150.00 without authorization, and will not refund,I never used them at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They told me when I called to e-mail there complant department and request a refund,I did,and two months later I still havent recieved a credit for any amount back to my card.I have called many times asking for the request to be honered,but nothing gets done!They dont tell you that they bill you $150.00 in the user agreement!This is totally a surprise when you get your statment,also you are led to believe you are gettin just 100 FREE bids when you sign -up!!!!!

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Jumbo Auctions - Charged my credit card $150 without permission.

Toronto, Ohio 1 comment

I saw an advertisement on computer to bid free on items.Then they told me to enter my credit card number so I could join the club.

I assumed it was free. After entering it, it said the charge was $150. I immediately closed the window. Now they are charging my credit card without permission.

I want this charge taken off my credit card, but so far no action has been taken. Please do not make the mistake I did. I am 75 years old and a little slow, and they take advantage of me.

I did this in Florida, and now I am in Ohio on different computer.Can't even get on site, nor do I want to.

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did the same to me TOLD ME I HAD 100 FREE BIDS

Jumbo Auctions - JumboBids NOT a scam if you READ Terms

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Jumbo Bids is NOT a scam.If you READ the "Terms and Conditions" before checking the box, #8 BIDS states: "Bids" must be purchased and paid for by you prior to online bidding.

When signing up you will be charged $150 for 300 bids." I read this when they asked for my credit card info - BEFORE I checked off the box to agree to the terms. We are so programmed to sound bites and pushing the button without reading 1st - just look at our Congress. How many bills have they passed without READING them FIRST? DUH!

This is a contract - which you should read before agreeing to.

This being said, Jumbo Bids still is a good deal IF you are willing to "buy" your first bids.The Terms also state that the last bidder wins the contract to buy, PLUS: "Bids placed on the item expire and will not be credited back to your account nor will you be eligible for a refund for such Bids."

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Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #223672

I bought some bids, they've had the same *** on there for the past five months and the timers aren't working. The idea was good but this is a definite way to throw your money away.


Of course, JumboBids is a scam. The fact that they rely on people to not read the small print shows that just how sophisticated of a scam artist they are.

Besides, since when do you have to pay to bid; and just how are you guranteed to win?


if you are talking about jumbocloseouts,all i can say is ,they are scam artists and liers

Jumbo Auctions - I also went on the Jumbo auction site. They steal your money without your permission to take it.

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I was on another site and all of a sudden I was sent to this Jumbo Auction site.I never gave my credit card number to them 1 because I new that I didn't have the money in there to give.

Some how they had gotten my credit card and took $150.00 out of my account. I'm on Social Security so that made my account go over drawn. They need to close this site down. When I called them they told me there was a whole butch of things on the site telling me that if I don't want to use it don"t put my credit card on there.I told them I didn't put it on there and that i wanted my money put back into my checking account.

They told me that the site says they don't give refunds. A huge lie again.

Will I ever get it back?I wish I would have seen this site before then.

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This website also took 150.00 from my checking account.I thought I was just registering and that funds would be deducted from my account if I decided to bid.

But not the case.

$150.00 was deducted from my account and I never had the opportunity to confirm the transaction.I sent an email to dispute but never recieved a response.

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